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Sedation Dentistry is when a dentist administers sedatives to a patient to help them become more relaxed and manage any pain or discomfort while having a dental procedure completed.

What is the process?

Many people will avoid going to the dentist because they feel uncomfortable or have a level of fear about having dental procedures done. To make things easier for their patients’ dentists now have sedation dentistry available which can greatly reduce any fear or anxiety a patient may potentially experience.

The patient will be asked several questions about their health and past medical history to determine if it is safe for them to participate in sedation dentistry. All medications carry some risk of side effects so it is important that the patient answers all questions truthfully and completely so the dentist has as much information as possible.

If the patient is qualified the dentist will then administer medication to the patient either orally or possibly inhaled through the nose. Within a few minutes the patient will begin to feel the effects of the medication allowing them to become more relaxed and much calmer. The medication is administered at a level which keeps the patient aware of their surroundings and able to respond or answer any questions the dentist might have.

Once the patient is relaxed the dentist will begin the scheduled dental procedure while monitoring the patients comfort and condition throughout. Once the procedure is completed it is important that the patient have someone present to transport them back home. Recovery time after taking the sedatives required for sedation dentistry can vary from person to person. Typically recovery time is about half a day and it is recommended that one does not operate a vehicle or machinery for twenty four hours following the dental appointment.

Reasons For Sedation Dentistry

A patient that experiences a high level of anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist.

A long and complicated dental procedure where the patient needs to stay calm and relaxed for an extended period of time.

Useful to manage pain in the event of a severe dental issue that requires significant procedures to cure.

Assists in completing all required procedures in one dental appointment.

Helps patients that have problems adjusting to numbing agents remain calm and cooperative.

Helps patients that do not react well to noises such as drills remain relaxed.

Allows for shorter appointments and higher quality dental work.

There are many benefits to using sedation dentistry and it is much more widely available now than in years past. If you are one of those people that has a fear or experiences a high level of anxiety you may be a good candidate for this type of dental procedure. Often times it may be used for even the simplest of procedures including regular checkups and fillings if you qualify. In the Beverly Hills area for more information about sedation dentistry and to schedule an appointment you can contact Dr. James at (310) 276-6667