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One of the most popular dental procedures now is the Gummy Smile Treatment.  A gummy smile is when there is a significant amount of gingival tissue, or gums as we know them, showing when a person smiles. This could be caused by the person’s gums having grown over their teeth, or just that the person simply has small teeth to begin with. In some cases the muscle that controls upper lip movement is hyperactive, causing the jaw to move higher than normal. When the jaw is positioned higher we see more of the gums.

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If you think you may have this issue there is no need to fret. Visit a dentist so he/she can confirm and recommend the best Gummy Smile Treatment available.
The dentist will check your gums, teeth, and mouth to decide just how much of the gums are showing, as well as to see if there are any causes associated with your smile.
If it’s determined that you have a severe issue, you might be transferred to a specialist to find your options.
Minor dental issues are usually carried out with laser treatments. Done at your local dental professionals’ office. The bad thing about this procedure is the fact that there have been reported cases of the gums growing back over the teeth. Usually within less than a year. This frustrates many patients out there. Why go through this trouble to see so little results?

Other options include repositioning the jaw bone, also known as Maxillofacial surgery. Sculpting of the gums and bone to create a more even smile, braces, and even surgical repositioning of the upper lip. The surgeon will lower the “upper lip attachment” so the lip cannot move as high as it once did. Patients are pleased with the quick results of this procedure.

If you are seriously considering this route and would like more information about a Gummy Smile Treatment, I highly suggest you visit Dr. James at the Beverly Hills office. He specializes in a gum lift procedure that is so phenomenal it has changed lives of many. This dental surgeon has over twenty years of experience to date and he has dealt with many difficult cases. He has even successfully treated people who have undergone this surgery elsewhere and didn’t get the results they wanted.
Pick up the phone and give Dr. James a call. They offer a free consultation and will explain your options. Facing a world with a beautiful smile just got so much easier.