Full mouth reconstruction expertise in Beverly Hills

Full mouth reconstruction is a process of completely restoring all of the teeth in your mouth. This process, unlike a typical smile makeover, is necessary procedure rather than elective surgery. The whole procedure is necessary when: teeth have been a fracture or injured, teeth have been lost or have become worn due to acid erosion. This procedure is also recommended to people who experience jaw pain due to bite problems.

What does the procedure involve?

Different patients require slightly different full mouth reconstruction needs. A typical full mouth reconstruction requires multiple visits to a doctor and some time to heal. Some common reconstruction methods that an expert can recommend you undergo include:

Teeth cleaning Surgery to reposition the jaw Crown Lengthening. Contouring of the gum tissue Bite adjustment applications of braces to move teeth into the ideal position for full reconstruction Bone/soft tissue grafting to increase flexibility of the jaws

Who’s the ideal patient for full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills CA

Anyone can undertake this procedure in cases of some accident, disease or extreme tooth-loss on account of age. When teeth are lost and the damage is extremely severe that cannot be restored independently on other teeth. The doctor may at times suggest full mouth rehabilitation through implants.

A Sneak Peek to how the procedure is done. First and foremost, the medical expert discusses the methods to be used in the procedure with the patient. If the patient is okay with the procedure and chooses to undertake the operation, the following stages normally come in finishing the procedure:

Step One: Diagnostic modeling and diagnostic wax-ups are implemented. These are meant to give the required data for developing a treatment plan which is ideal. These as well provide useful information on the best shape, size and shape of the new set teeth.

Step Two: Afterwards, all the teeth are extracted in the mouth. This is then followed with tissue grafts. These aim to rehabilitate the weakened sections of the jawbone structures. Grafting of the jaw bone is also performed to treat the weak cavity areas of the upper jaw. These basic measures are taken the help the jaw bone withstand the chewing pressure of the new set of teeth.

Step Three: Once the whole procedure is done, a dentist may recommend up to six months of recovery time. Information accompanying this recommendation should be followed to the letter if suitable results are to be achieved. Mini-implants are put together with the traditional ones in case the client does not want to remain toothless during the recommended healing time.

Popular restoratives used:

There are many types of restorative fillings used in full mouth reconstruction. Amalgam fillings contain copper, silver, mercury, tin and other minor elements. The good thing with these filings is that they are capable of withstanding chewing loads. Gold fillings are also pretty popular due to their resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.

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