Zoom Teeth Whitening in 1 hour in Beverly Hills

Over a period of time most people will experience teeth discoloration. This is a naturally occurring process that happens regardless of how well a person maintains their oral health. Thankfully, people can brighten up their smile with teeth whitening services when their enamel takes on a yellow hue.

A lot of people will not be able to keep their teeth looking white without the use of some type of whitening or bleaching service. A person’s mineral structure will also change as they grow older and this will cause their teeth to look more dingy. Foods and items such as coffee, tea, chocolate and cigarettes also tarnish teeth when they are routinely used by an individual. Bacteria pigments from food and tobacco related substances can also stain a person’s enamel. The bottom line is that age, smoking and eating will eventually make most people’s teeth look bad.

zoom teeth whitening Beverly Hills

People can also cause their smile to diminish by not performing routine oral care. A lot of people do not brush their teeth or floss on a regular basis and this too will cause a set of teeth to darken and to become more unsightly. Once again, teeth whitening services that are offered by dentists will be needed to keep a person’s smile at its best.

Dentists typically use various chemicals and mixtures in order to remove stains from a person’s enamel. Most whitening agents are made out of hydrogen or carbamide peroxides and water. Peroxide acts as an oxidizing agent on a person’s enamel in order to break down stains that appear on the surface area of a person’s teeth. Laser whitening or bleaching is another alternative that people can use to make their teeth whiter. This type of service involves the use of light energy to quicken the whitening or bleaching process. Halogen, LED or plasma arc energies are commonly used for laser whitening procedures. The lights that are used for this process are typically used within the blue spectrum because it is the most effective for initiating the hydrogen peroxide effect. Most dentists who perform laser whitening services can complete a procedure in an hour or less.Patients should remember that a dentist will use a whitening shade guide before they start they start the whitening process. This guide is used to determine the color of a person’s teeth before they go through this type of procedure. Once they have figured out the shade of yellow that is similar to a person’s teeth they will record this information and then start to whiten the enamel. After the process has ended they will take the new shade of color on a person’s teeth and compare it to the original results. This way a patient can see the effectiveness of a whitening procedure and how well their teeth responded to the treatment.

People who reside in the Beverly Hills area can visit the dental offices of Dr. James to have whitening procedures performed on their teeth. Dr. James admits new patients to his practice and can perform outpatient teeth whitening services.