Inlay/Onlay Beverly Hills

When first reading about inlays or onlays it sounds very much like a regular filling of a cavity, but it is not. A regular filling involves drilling and cleaning out the decayed portion of the tooth, and filling it. Fillings are mainly for small cavities.

With an inlay, it starts off in very much the same manner. There is a tooth with a cavity, but in order to need an inlay there will need to be a significant amount of decay. The interesting thing about Inlay’s is that it is like a jigsaw puzzle made especially for your tooth. The dentist will drill and clean out the decay like normal but instead of filling it, they will make a mold of the gap and have a piece fitted externally to fit within the borders of the tooth. This special filling will be made out of gold, porcelain, or composite material. These fillings are very strong and are usually made for the back molars which take a lot of abuse and pressure.

An onlay is almost the same thing except that it covers a larger area and extends over the border of the tooth. So instead of dropping a fitted piece into a hole that is shaped in the same manner. Imagine filling a glass of water until it runs over the sides and freezing it mid-motion. That is an onlay.  It is not confined to the inside borders of the tooth. It will include the inside and side portions. Onlays are made up of the same materials as an inlay. This procedure will increase the strength of the tooth by offering more support because it covers more area.

Both procedures will take a couple of days give or take. The first appointment will be to clean and prepare the tooth for the filling. The dentist will take an impression and send it to a dental technician to be made. In the mean time a temporary filling will be made to protect the surface. The piece may take up to two weeks to make. Once ready a second appointment will be made and the inlay/onlaywill be fitted, the dentist will make sure that it fits correctly and is comfortable. Then it is glued in place with a very strong adhesive.
Things to keep in mind:

1. Inlay/Onlay are less invasive than a crown but more invasive than a filling

2. It may cost you more to get a tooth colored one

3. This is a way to save the tooth

4. The procedure may require having some of the healthy part of the teeth removed

5. They are alternative to crowns

6. It is stronger than a regular fitting

7. It will last longer than a regular fitting

8. They are well fitting

9. Consider gold for the back and porcelain for the front

10. Price will depend on multiple factors including but not limited to location, dentist, insurance, etc.

11. Larger inlays/onlays will cost more.

12. Dental insurance will put this in either basic or major service category.

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