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Dental crowns are designed to replace or cover a person’s tooth or set of teeth when they’re affected by some type of issue related to their oral health. Crowns are specifically designed to conform to the shape and structure of a person’s mouth. Dentists perform oral surgical procedures in order to implement this type of protective device within a person’s mouth.

Crowns can be used to partially or completely cover teeth. They are used by patients for a variety of reasons. They prevent cavities from destroying a particular tooth, protect fragile teeth from decay and breakage, provide support to badly damaged teeth, conceal crooked or discolored teeth, cover a dental implant and keep bridges in place. These types of dental prosthetic devices can also be used to fill in missing spaces within a set of teeth.

Dental crown Beverly Hills

When a dentist makes a crown they use a variety of materials. Substances for crowns include gold, porcelain, and metal. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the most common type. Other substances such as composite resin and ceramic are also used to make crowns. Zirconia crowns are the best type on the market because they’re durable, require less tooth replacement and give a patient a natural look a natural appearance. All porcelain crowns are also commonly used because they provide a patient with a natural looking set of teeth. A dentist will determine what type of crown to use on a per patient basis. Costs and health considerations will be taken into account in order to figure out which type of crown is best suited for a particular individual.

All dentists follow a basic procedure for inserting a crown into a person’s mouth. Most dentists typically form an impression of a person’s mouth out of a substance called polyvinyl siloxane. Once an impression is formed within the polyvinyl material the next step involves preparing the mouth for the procedure.
All Dentists must thoroughly examine a patient’s oral cavity before implanting a dental crown onto their teeth. Since a dentists has to remove a patient’s tooth enamel before they can place a crown into their mouth, they must make sure that a patient truly needs a crown. Once this procedure has been implemented it cannot be reversed. Most patients can go through an outpatient procedure in order to get their crowns inserted in less than a day.

Most crowns are designed to last between 10 and 15 years and some people are able to use their crowns for the rest of their lives. Dentists recommend replacing crowns if they become chipped, broken or no longer conform to the shape of a person’s mouth. Sometimes people use temporary crowns before they obtain their permanent set. Discolored crowns can also be replaced since they cannot be cosmetically whitened.

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