Best Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills

Oral hygiene contributes to your overall body health and a good smile always looks attractive. When teeth decay, chip or break off it affects your oral hygiene. Reconstructive dental; procedures help to restore these defects. One of the easiest methods is tooth bonding. This is a procedure that involves the application of tooth colored resin. This is done using adhesives and high-intensity curative light. Materials are bonded to the teeth thus the name.

The procedure is basically used for cosmetic purposes to increase the appearance of deformed teeth. It also changes the color and shape of the teeth and in some instances makes them appear longer. Receding gums leave some teeth to expose and bonding can be used cosmetically to protect the potion left. There are two type of dental bonding: composite and adhesive. Composite bonding uses tooth-colored composites or materials that look natural. Adhesive bonding attaches restoration to a tooth with the use of non natural products like plastic and porcelain.

Dental bonding Beverly Hills
The procedure may take less than an hour depending on the severity of the situation. The dentist starts using a color shade guide to select the resin color that matches the color of your teeth closely. Once the color is ready the dentist will then abrade the surface of the tooth to make it rough. To male the bonding material adheres to the surface conditioning liquid is applied to coat the tooth. When your tooth is ready the dentist applies the colored cream lie resin. It is then molded to the proper shape. The resin is hardened by the use of an ultraviolet laser. As soon as the bonding material hardens, it is trimmed and shaped. The dentist will then polish it until it matches the rest of the teeth surface.

Benefits of dental bonding: The procedure is among the easiest and least expensive of many cosmetic dental procedures. It can be done in a single visit unless it involves several teeth. A small amount of teeth enamel is removed unlike in other dental procedures. Unless the bonding is being used to fill a cavity, anesthesia is not needed.

Disadvantages: The material use in bonding is not stain resistant. Coffee and other colored beverages can still stain your teeth. This makes it a temporary thing. The materials used do not last long since they are not strong enough and you will need another restorative procedure. The materials also chip off and break leaving your teeth in the same state they were before.

Bonding can last up to 3 years if good oral hygiene and oral habits maintained. Most dentists tooth bonding as the best procedure for temporary cosmetic corrections. Consult ting a dentist before this procedure helps to determine which dental problems require bonding. Finding the right cosmetic dentist for the procedure is not easy. Dr James has been known for his expertise in bonding for a long period of time His clients inchigh-endh end celebrities as well as children. He is the most accomplished cosmetic dentist in California with good reference.