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Root canals are treatments that dentists do use in an attempt to save a bad tooth. Usually, teeth that are badly decayed, and or injured is given this particular procedure. This is so that the tooth can be saved instead of having to be removed completely from the mouth of the person. A root canal is required most when the nerve supply or the blood of the tooth is tremendously infected. This nerve supply or blood of the tooth is referred to as being the pulp of the tooth itself. This infection does usually occur as the result of either decay or some form of injury to the tooth itself.

The root canal between teeth is the space that is located within the root of a tooth. This special space is made up of the pulp chamber itself, other key canals, and also various other branches that connect other root canals to each other and the very surface of the root itself on the average. Root canal surgery, also called endodontic therapy, goes as far back as in time as 1756. This history began when Philip Pfaff published his work on using gold as a filler material for teeth. There is also a web page at the Oregon State School of Dentistry that has a much better and more detailed account of root canal surgery and its history.

Root canals Beverly Hills

A root canal treatment, or root canal surgery, is something that does occur in an effort to save a tooth once the nerve has either died or is in the process of dying. It is usually considered to be the very best course of action to save a tooth and be able to repair it. Root canals are procedures that totally remove any existing nerve and pulp from the tooth itself. After the nerve and the pulp have been removed from the infected or damaged tooth. The tooth is then cleaned out very carefully and then sealed up.

If this treatment is not done on a tooth that is badly decayed or damaged in some way. The surrounding tissue that is around the tooth can be infected, and an abscess can form, which is something that will only make the pain worse in most cases. An abscessed tooth occurs when there is the presence of bacteria. It is this bacteria that infects the center of the tooth, which is called its pulp, or this bacteria can get between the tooth and the gum of the tooth itself. Causes of tooth abscess do vary.. Some of the most common of all tooth abscess instances is either the presence of bad tooth decay, some form of trauma to the tooth that causes it to be chipped or broken, gingivitis, and gum disease. This infection is something that can be spread, if not stopped, to even the bones that do support the tooth itself.


A root canal is usually advised if the root of the tooth itself has died due to the presence of infection. This is especially true if the person is suffering from very severe toothache and is in need of some relief from the pain. The pain of an abscessed tooth can be excruciating and does vary from person to person. However, some of the most common of all toothache symptoms are as follows. They do include a continuous throbbing, shooting, or very sharp pain in the mouth. Some of the other symptoms that go along with this nagging pain are redness and swelling of the gums, a swollen area in the upper or lower part of the jaw, fever, pain when attempting to chew, and a visible sore that drains on the opposite side of the gum. A few other symptoms that are classic are a feeling of general discomfort, neck glands that are swollen, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and a very bitter taste in the mouth.

A root canal is a procedure to try to save and repair the tooth itself. It is something that is usually performed by a dentist or endodontist. It is a procedure that usually does require more than one office visit. During a root canal procedure, an x-ray of the tooth is taken, and this is to determine two things. These two things are the specific shape of the root canals, and also, if there is present of any infection in the surrounding bone of the mouth itself. Local anesthesia is usually administered to the patient before the dentist goes in to check out the tooth further. A rubber dam, or sheet of rubber, is then placed around the afflicted tooth in order to keep the tooth dry and free of any flowing saliva. The next thing that the dentist does is to drill a hole into the tooth. This is so that the infected pulp, along with any nerve tissue, and other forms of debris can be taken from the tooth itself. It is root canal files that are used for this cleaning out process and these root canal files do scrape and scrub the entire length of the tooth and the root canals. Sodium hypochlorite or water is used regularly to flush out the debris from the tooth too.

After the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, the dentist may decide to seal it completely up. However, if the tooth has been infected, medication may be administered to the patient for a week first before sealing up the tooth. During the next appointment, the inside of the tooth may be filled with sealer paste, or what is known as gutta percha. Gutta percha is a rubber compound that is used for the tooth’s root canal area. The outer access hole to the tooth is then given a filling to seal it, as well.

The last step that needs to take place after the tooth has been sealed is called further restoration of the tooth. This further restoration may involve putting in a crown, or a crown and a post, or some other form of dental restoration to the mouth in order to protect the tooth itself. This protection of the tooth also means to stop it from possibly breaking in the future and to give it back its power of full function.

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